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Oliver Mobile Veterinary Services is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care for your beloved pets in the comfort of your own home. Our mobile clinic is equipped to offer a wide range of services for both small animals and equines, ensuring that your pets receive the highest quality care without the stress of traveling to a veterinary office. With a focus on preventive medicine, diagnostics, and treatment, our team of experienced veterinarians is dedicated to keeping your pets healthy and happy throughout their lives.

Small Animal Services

Small Animal Wellness Exams

Our wellness exams are thorough and personalized, allowing us to assess your pet's overall health and detect any potential issues early on from the comfort of your home. From vaccinations and titer evaluations to laboratory testing, including fecal testing, heartworm testing, and more, we ensure that your pet is protected against diseases and parasites. Our expertise also extends to skin and ear disease, microchip implantation, and issuing health certificates for travel, whether it's domestic or international.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

In addition to preventive care, our mobile clinic is equipped to provide medical diagnosis and treatments for various health conditions in small animals. Whether your pet requires fluid therapy, medication administration, or specialized treatments, Dr. Oliver is skilled in managing a wide range of medical issues to ensure your pet's well-being.

Referral & Evaluations

Should your pet require specialized care or emergency services beyond our scope, we have established relationships with local clinics, specialty practices, and after-hours emergency facilities. We can provide referrals and collaborate with other veterinary professionals to ensure your pet receives the necessary care and attention.



Our mobile clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including abdominal ultrasound and digital radiography capabilities. These advanced diagnostic tools allow us to perform non-invasive imaging studies to assess your pet's internal organs and skeletal structures, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.



We understand that saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult decisions pet owners face. That's why we offer compassionate in-home euthanasia services, allowing your pet to pass away peacefully in a familiar and comfortable environment. Our team will guide you through the process and make final care arrangements with dignity and respect.

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